Weeping Fissures

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Weeping Fissures
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Rec. Level
Monastery of the Rift
Demesne of the Unseen


As if a god had reached out and drawn his hand across the land, the Touched Vales were rounded depressions located to the west of the Tower. Though not inherently inhospitable, the low valleys were prone to regular and devastating flash floods, making settlements impractical. That the insane seemed to travel to these vales in unusual numbers was a phenomena no one talked about. Those that were touched by the whispers were difficult to understand and even more difficult to care for. If they wanted to go west, was that really a problem? And if they never returned, that just meant more to go around.

But the vales are gone now; during the Keening no part of the Heartland suffered more devastation. Where most lands saw fissures open up, the Touched Vales saw most of the land fall away, leaving lone pillars rising up out of the void. There was a belief that the epicenter of the Keening had been here, but the invasion put an end to those investigations, but not before the place was christened with a new name:

The Weeping Fissures.

Geography[edit | edit source]

The Keening devastated this region, leaving behind slivers of the once peaceful valleys.