Viridian Highlands

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Viridian Highlands
Viridian Highlands.png
Rec. Level
Ruins of Sagila, Bulwark Fen, Demense of the Unseen


Veridian Highlands is a strip of land that has found balance between the extreme verdant influence of the Spirits in the Demesne of the Unseen to the west and the waters of the Escalade Sea to the east. Though not as ideal as the lands claimed by the people of Harsa, humans still eyed it as the foundation for the next great civilization. That future seems a long way away now as the Chimera used the elevated grounds of the highlands to launch their devastating attack on Sagila. The lands still look tranquil enough, but they are infested with Fury.

Geography[edit | edit source]

Between the extremes of the Demesne of the Unseen and the Escalate Sea is a strip of lush and vibrant hills.