The Exchange

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The Exchange
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The Tower [1014,956]

The The Exchange is an NPC that allows you to exchange Bloodstone.png Bloodstone and Electrum.png Electrum with other players. A player can post their own Bloodstones and list how much Electrums they'll trade it for, and vice versa. The minimum price for Electrums are 10 Bloodstones, and the minimum price for Bloodstones are 10 Electrums.

Currently the markets are unstable, but here is a general guideline of Electrum.png Electrum:Bloodstone.png Bloodstone trades.

Electrum Bloodstone Silver USD
1 5 1500 0.65
90,000 450,000 135,000,000 687.00

Subject to change.

Rates based on total amount to cap all slots in the expansion tab store.