Talon Mountains

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Talon Mountains
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Rec. Level
Southern Expanse, Dome of Hollows, Ruins of Harsa
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History[edit | edit source]

The Talon Mountains is a term used to describe the islands of the southern Escalade Sea. Since the Keening and the partial draining of that massive body of water the lone spires have since resolved themselves into one massive island surrounded by several newer landmasses, but the people of the Heartland haven't taken the time to rename the area.

The Talon Mountains is the coldest point in the Heartland, and the only location that retains snow on the ground for any significant amount of time. That made the retreat from Harsa particularly brutal, and many of the survivors of the attack fell to the elements. Once through though the pressure exerted by the Chimera waned, and though the cause was unknown the beleaguered humans would take any respite they could get.

Geography[edit | edit source]

The abundant moisture combines with the high elevation to encourage a cold and snowy biome.