Southern Expanse

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Southern Expanse
Southern Expanse.png
Rec. Level
Cinder Valley, Talon Mountains


The Southern Expanse is a stretch of land defined by its plateaus and sparse plant life. It's here that the partially nomadic Hurak made their home. The Hurak are the descendants of the doomed civilization to the West, the one destroyed by the Infernals, but their exact relationship to that ancient culture is unclear. Whatever the truth, it is lost now as the Hurak destroyed everything that would have connected them to that fallen empire, including their histories. Now they live simple lives, attempting to avoid the notice of the destructive forces that neighbor them.

The exodus of the survivors, and the Chimera that followed them, forced the Hurak to flee their homes. And though most were focused on the path ahead, some still witnessed a strange change in the invaders as they advanced. Though the resin traps created by the Fury can still be seen far to the east, the signs of Fury activity quickly fell away. Equally unusual, a portion of the chimera, the Leo and the Crocuta, ended their pursuit of the humans, claimed the adobe homes of the Hurak as their own and then promptly went to war with each other.

Geography[edit | edit source]

A long canyon splits this land, and the shallow soil hinders vegetation that must grow deep.

Quest[edit | edit source]

Map Location (Zoomed Out) For Quest Giver

Rise of the Lion King is a quest that can be started at location [607,69].

Quest chain
Lion Around Rewards
Notice anything strange? The ruins here aren't covered in resin. Something happened to the Chimera and their Fury when the invasion reached the Southern Expanse, but we don't know what. And we aren't going to find out with the place still crawling with them. If we can reduce their numbers we might be able to breathe a bit easier. Eliminate 30 Leo Chimera.

Loot table: (Quest Infiltrator1)

Amount Item Chance
x25 Silver.png Silver 100%
x2 Bloodstone.png Bloodstone 100%

Idol Curiosity Rewards
Now that was not what I expected. With the ranks of the Leo thinned it looks like the Crocuta in the area are trying to take over their territory. This is a level of tribalism we haven't seen in the Chimera before. Before they had seen pretty unified in their hatred of us. The Leo Magi seem the most intelligent of the lot, and the most likely to form complex social structures. Start killing them and see if there are any signs of organization.

Loot table: (Quest Infiltrator2)

Amount Item Chance
x25 Silver.png Silver 100%
x3 Bloodstone.png Bloodstone 100%

Totem If You Got 'Em Rewards
I did a bit of scouting on my own and noticed that the Leo Chimera are gathering in very specific locations. I couldn't get close, but I did catch glimpse of some kind of larger idol or totem they seemed to be clustered around. What I want you to do is get close to one (or three) and see if it provides any clues for tracking this hero of theirs down. I don't expect the Leos to take kindly to your presence, so expect some resistance as you try to learn what you can from the things.

Loot table: (Quest Infiltrator3)

Amount Item Chance
x25 Silver.png Silver 100%
x4 Bloodstone.png Bloodstone 100%

The Mane Man Rewards
I've finally found this hero the Leo are so worked up over. He's taken up residence down south, near the lake, but I managed to sneak a waystone anchor inside his royal hall (it was an indoor bazaar before his highness decided to make it his throne room). Just step through the portal and put an end to him.

Loot table: (Quest Infiltrator4)

Amount Item Chance
x25 Silver.png Silver 100%
x6 Bloodstone.png Bloodstone 100%
x1 20px Cloak of the Infiltrator (IV) 100%

Quest Guide[edit | edit source]

Lion Around: Kill Leo Warriors

Idol Curiosity: Collect 15 Lion Idols from Leo Magi

Totem If You Got Em' (Coordinates):

  1. [1436,188] (Directly East from Shrine)
  2. [1212,121] (Directly South from Shrine)
  3. [1219,359] (Directly North from Shrine)

The Mane Man: Enter the dungeon and kill the boss, recommended level 15, T3/T4 gear.

Boss Info
HP Projectiles Cycles Mechanics
40,832~ Circular Wave None Activates totems to increase amount of projectiles