Ruins of Sagila

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Ruins of Sagila
Ruins of Sagila.png
Rec. Level
Forge of Corruption
Viridian Highlands, Demense of the Unseen

Players first reach this region by completing the Forge of Corruption Dungeon in Ruins of Harsa, being teleported here through the exit portal.

History[edit | edit source]

Sagila was Harsa's sister city, similar yet different. Though the population of Harsa was larger, the more profound difference was in how the two cultures related to the World Tree. Harsa exploited the World Tree, consuming resources and reshaping the Heartland when it suited their purpose. Sagila lived in harmony with [...]

Geography[edit | edit source]

The people of Sagila strove to live in harmony with the spirits... until they were wiped out.

Quest[edit | edit source]

Lost and Found

Quest chain
Bramble, First Blood Rewards
Glad the old man could send some help. Even though we're just on the edge of the Demesne, I can still feel the hostility of the spirits. But we know the Chimera invasion came from the East, so there really was only one direction to run, and I think at least one druid tried to lead some of the people to safety in this awful place. Search the nearby jungles for clues as to where the villagers might have been led.

Loot table: (Quest Druid1)

Amount Item Chance
x70 Silver.png Silver 100%
x2 Bloodstone.png Bloodstone 100%

In That Same Vine Rewards
It's hard to tell if that cloth you gathered was from a coordinated retreat or just a few scared souls running for their lives. Maybe if we can clear out some of the brambles that are over running the jungle we can move around more freely.

Loot table: (Quest Druid2)

Amount Item Chance
x70 Silver.png Silver 100%
x3 Bloodstone.png Bloodstone 100%

Wild Abandon Rewards
With your help I was able to travel much deeper into the jungle than I have in the past, and it looks like there are several major druidic sites constructed around Ninsa Lake. Spirits were all but swarming around these circles, so I couldn't get close, but perhaps you can and determine if the druids used any of them to try to save the people of Sagila.

Loot table: (Quest Druid3)

Amount Item Chance
x70 Silver.png Silver 100%
x4 Bloodstone.png Bloodstone 100%

Is The Ghost Clear? Rewards
With the spirits temporarily driven away I was able to examine the totems you found at the three druidic circles and they appear to have signs pointing to a sacred druid grove. I don't know what you will find there, but I expect this to be the end of our search.

Loot table: (Quest Druid4)

Amount Item Chance
x70 Silver.png Silver 100%
x6 Bloodstone.png Bloodstone 100%
x1 20px Shifter Serum (VII) 100%

Quest Guide[edit | edit source]