Ruins of Harsa

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Ruins of Harsa
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Rec. Level
Forge of Corruption
Talon Mountains
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History[edit | edit source]

Harsa was the single largest population of humanity at the time of the Keening. Intelligent and industrious, they built machines powered by the rivers that flowed East to the Escalade Sea. But the rivers did more than just powering the ingenuity of the people, they also made the lands fertile. It was a near perfect environment for humanity, and humanity flourished.

The Keening was the beginning of the end of Harsa. The massive seizures that tore apart the World Tree caused great water wheels to collapse and many of the rivers to be diverted or lost entirely. But prehaps the people could have survived had the Chimera not come. But with many of its people homeless and countless homes and fields destroyed, the people of Harsa were in little position to help the survivors of Sagila that fled south and east. To their credit, the people of Harsa offered what aid they could, but even with the warning brought from the survivors they could do little to stop the advances of the invaders.

Geography[edit | edit source]

Before the Keening this was an industrius city and the largest collection of humans in the Heartland.