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Prefix are modifiers that can be applied on Weapons obtained by crafting or looting of Boss.

Prefix influence the way the primary fire of the character and effectively change the gameplay while the weapon is equipped.

A weapon's prefix can be rerolled for an amount of Silver depending on the item's tier by the Craftsman.

Currently working on the list, may not be 100% correct.

Short but powerful[edit | edit source]

This prefix denotes the "Close shot" pattern. The bullets shot travel a shorter range, but deal increased damages.


  • Increased damages
  • Decent rate of fire


  • Low range
  • Mono-target effect
  • Need to aim

Tip[edit | edit source]

Reroll this prefix. The short range forces you to get close and personal with the enemies (which you want to avoid), while the lack of AOE damages leaves you struggling against swarm of enemies (which happen quite a lot).

Piercing wave[edit | edit source]

This prefix, associated with the homonym pattern, makes your bullets travel in a slightly wobbly path, but keep it from stopping after hitting the first enemy. Each bullet continues to travel until the maximum range is reached or a terrain obstacle is encountered.


  • Long range
  • AOE damages
  • Decent rate of fire
  • Each enemy hit provides you with energy


  • Slightly reduced damage per bullet
  • Need to aim, and the wave trajectory can lead you to miss sometimes

Tip[edit | edit source]

AOE damages, long range and excellent energy economy makes this prefix one of the best available. Keep it unless you really don't want to aim.