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Fusing allows a Craftsman to combine five Charms into a charm one level higher.

In order to obtain higher levels charms, you may combine five equally tiered charms at the Craftsmen station.

When fusing charms each charm of a lower tier gives you 20% chance of getting its effect on higher tier charm.

For example:

Fusing five charms of the same attribute would grant you a 100% chance of rolling the next tier up of a charm with that attribute.

Fusing three movement speed charms and two critical chance charms would give you a 60% chance to get a movement speed charm and a 40% chance to get a critical chance charm.

Only items of Tier 6 or higher can support Sockets and Charms.

The cost and time required to Socket a Charm is always 120 seconds.

Level Cost per Charm Total cost
100 Silver.png
500 Silver.png
200 Silver.png
1000 Silver.png
300 Silver.png
1500 Silver.png
400 Silver.png
2000 Silver.png
500 Silver.png
2500 Silver.png