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The premium currency in Survived By.

Electrum is a premium currency used to buy account features, cosmetics, and other premium items.

Acquiring Electrum[edit | edit source]

Handful of Electrum Pile of Electrum Bag of Electrum Chest of Electrum Horde of Electrum
Handful of Electrum.png
Pile of Electrum.png
Bag of Electrum.png
Chest of Electrum.png
Horde of Electrum.png
$4.99 USD
$9.99 USD
$19.99 USD
$49.99 USD
$99.99 USD

Spending Electrum[edit | edit source]

  • Trading Electrum.png Electrum for Bloodstone.png Bloodstone at The Exchange.
  • Inventory can be expanded by +20 slots for 250Electrum.png .
  • The Vault can be expanded by +10 slots for 500Electrum.png .
  • Up to three additional Crafting stations can be purchased for 500Electrum.png each, allowing multiple items to be crafted at once. Each Crafting Station must be trained separately.
  • Crafting can be expedited to finish immediately, costing Electrum.png based on the recipe and time remaining.
  • If enabled in the options menu, Health Potion.png Health Potions and Energy Potion.png Energy Potions can be purchased for 15Electrum.png each by attempting to use one when you don't have any.
  • The Thorns Vendor sells Thorns Equipment for 750Electrum.png each.
  • The Keeper of Records can change your Character Name for 75Electrum.png , or your House Name for 1500Electrum.png .
  • The Seamstress sells cosmetic skins and attachments for Electrum.png Electrum. Skins can also be purchased from the Character Creation screen.
  • The Returner can mark a Weapon or Equipment for 35Electrum.png , so it is not destroyed when you die. Dying removes this benefit from the item.
  • Marking an item for kin from the Death screen costs 100Electrum.png per item. The first item marked each death is free.
  • 25Electrum.png can be spent to purchase a Random Ancestral Legacy.png Random Ancestral Legacy.
  • 500 Electrum.png can be spent to purchase a Premium Ancestral Legacy.png Premium Ancestral Legacy.
  • 1,400 Electrum.png can be spent to purchase a Elite Ancestral Legacy.png Elite Ancestral Legacy.
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