Daily Challenge Board

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Daily Challenge Board
Daily Challenge Board.png
The Tower [1033,980]

The Daily Challenge Board tasks players with preforming tasks to earn Bloodstone.png Bloodstone.

Three tiers of Daily Challenge are offered, with one challenge being available from each tier at any given time.

  • Tier 1 Challenges reward 2Bloodstone.png
  • Tier 2 Challenges reward 4Bloodstone.png
  • Tier 3 Challenges reward 6Bloodstone.png

Each challenge can be completed only once per character per eight hour cycle, after which new challenges are posted.

The same challenges are posted for all players, incentivizing them to group up and tackle them together.

Each account can preform up to 5 Daily Challenges per day.

The requirements for each Challenge changes depending on its Tier.

Challenge Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3
Complete Quests 2 8 20
Craft Items 4 16 40
Do Damage 800 50,000 100,000
Kill Beasts 20 100 200
Kill Fury 20 100 200
Kill Spirits 20 100 200
Perform Critical Hits 10 60 200