Cinder Valley

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Cinder Valley
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Rec. Level
Burning Sands
Borderlands, Southern Expanse


The Cinder Valley is a desolate land that holds tight to its secrets. Little remains of the history of this place, and much of it is contradictory. Where the stories do agree though is that the valley was once home to a great and powerful civilization, and that something they did was so offensive to the natural order that the Infernals rose up and burned all traces of it to ash. Brave explorers have reported signed of crumbling walls and fallen idols, but the Infernals still prowl through the valley and they show no mercy to those that cross their path.

Despite having countless reasons to avoid the place, the Chimeric invasion has forced humans into this dangerous land. First was the long exodus through the deserts as the survivors of Harsa and Sagila sought a way to cross the great fissure to reach the Tower. And now they return in search of obsidian, a rare material used in the creation of devastating weaponry that can only be found in the burning sands left behind by the Infernals.

Geography[edit | edit source]

The Cinder Valley is an unnatural wasteland of rolling sands and crumbled stone. But though water does reach this land, and life could flourish here give time, the presence of the Infernals preserves the crippling desolation.