Bulwark Fen

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Bulwark Fen
Bulwark Fen.png
Rec. Level
Viridian Highlands, Escalade Islands


The Bulwark Fen is a new formation upon the Heartland. It was once part of the Escalade Sea, where the rivers fanned out in great deltas before meeting the larger body of water. But when the Keening opened up a massive fissure on the southeast end of the Escalade Sea, the water level dropped dramatically over a short period of time. This left several shoals exposed, which trapped a portion of the water and most of the sediment that continued to flow towards the sea. This turned the area into a stagnant bog with several natural lagoons.

More importantly, the Bulwark Fen masked the movement of the Chimera and the Fury before they launched their devastating attack against Sagila.

Geography[edit | edit source]

Once part of Escalade Sea to the East, it is now a stagnant lagoon.

Quest[edit | edit source]

Placeholder QuestGiver BulwarkFen.png

Island Fury is a quest given by the Quest Giver at location [1316,1760]. You can reach this location quickly by teleporting to the top-most Shrine on the overworld map and moving down towards the up-most lake, bottom right. There should be a hut close-by with a Quest Giver.

Quest chain
Corrupted Earth Rewards
About time the boss sent someone. There's some Infernal activity in the area, but it's odd. So I need you to collect 15 samples of the corrupted fire sands that litter the islands, then bring them back to me. Then maybe we can get some answers.

Loot table: (Quest Collect Corrupted Fire Sand)

Amount Item Chance
x70 Silver.png Silver 100%
x2 Bloodstone.png Bloodstone 100%

Middle Age Mutant Turtles Rewards
This is bad. This stuff looks like fire sand, but it corrupts like that damned resin. Luckily the outbreak is limited to a local species of turtle. So while I try to figure out where this nasty bit of work is coming from I need you to defeat 30 Coriacea Warriors. You'll know then when you see them. Big turtles walking upright and probably flinging this stuff at you. Best not to let it touch you.

Loot table: (Quest Middle Age Mutant Turtles)

Amount Item Chance
x70 Silver.png Silver 100%
x3 Bloodstone.png Bloodstone 100%

Holey Ground Rewards
I still don't have the source figured out, but there's another oddity I'd have you investigate. Infernals, as nasty as they are, always have a purpose, always have something they are trying to burn away. But there are lava fissures opening up all across the Escalade Islands, which is far too random. I don't think you can stop them all, but if you can collapse a handful of them, 5 or so, it will slow the damage.

Loot table: (Quest Holey Ground)

Amount Item Chance
x70 Silver.png Silver 100%
x4 Bloodstone.png Bloodstone 100%

Get Kraken Rewards
The thing about Infernals is that no place is safe from them... not even an ocean. But you put a big nasty made of fire underwater and all you get is some foul smelling steam. But there are old stories of a type of Infernal that resembles a giant squid that has a leathery hide so it can survive underwater. Turns out that same hide makes it vulnerable to the fouled resin. That means we have an Infernal Chimeric Kraken on our hands. Go kill it.

Loot table: (Quest Get Kraken)

Amount Item Chance
x70 Silver.png Silver 100%
x6 Bloodstone.png Bloodstone 100%
x1 20px Geomantic Guardian (VII) 100%

Quest Guide[edit | edit source]