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Rec. Level
Spawning Nest
Tower Steppes, Cinder Valley


The Borderlands have long been home to those that found solace living simple lives off of the land, and the temperate forests of the Borderlands were an ideal home for those wild souls. Most of the inhabitants lived in small communities of no more than a dozen, but those communities would come together for the seasonal rendezvous to trade with their fellows and a few adventurous merchants from the more established populations.

When the refugees of Harsa arrived, the people of the Borderlands offered some aid, but stirred little at their stories of unstoppable invaders. In their eyes the people of Harsa and Sagila were soft, and if these invaders pursued them they would not find the people of the Borderlands easy prey. To their credit, the rugged people of this land did put up a good fight, but the Chimera and their Fury were barely slowed. Now their once proud settlements are encased in resin and those not too stubborn to flee have joined the ragged remnants of humanity at the Tower.

Geography[edit | edit source]

The Borderlands is a temperate forest that was largely unsettled before the Keening given the density of trees and limited river system. The woods also served as a geographical barrier between the Cinder Valley and the other human settled lands.